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  • Separate names with a comma.

Moderator Application

The name people will identify with you in game. Typically your steam name.

You must be 16 or older to apply. Some exceptions may be made.

Url to your steam profile.

What server are you looking for Moderate for?

What timezone do you live in?

More experienced applicants are always a plus, but it's never bad to be the first time!

Shoot us a detailed answer as to why you feel you're fit to be a Mod for us!

What can you do that others can't or won't.

Any game or server, not just ours. Describe what happened along with anything you did to resolve it.

Minecraft Admin Questions

Writing a sentence to each question is unacceptable. Keep it spaced out, feel free to copy paste the format above to help with spacing, that way it's readable. Use colors! Using colors and other tools shows you care for this application, and you take pride in it being yours. So don't be scared to make it colorful so long as it is not overkill!

How old are you?

What timezone do you live in?

What is your current rank in the server?