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Applying Nikki's Re-application for moderator

Discussion in 'Applications' started by Nikki, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Nikki

    Nikki Trader

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    In Game Name:
    Steam Profile:
    Server Applying For::
    TF2 Main Trade
    Do you have Moderation Experience?:
    Not on Team Fortress 2 servers, but I have been a moderator on servers that aren't worth bragging about.
    Why do you feel suited for Moderator?:
    I've been playing on the server for almost 2 years now, I feel like I could help the players and help the fellow administration help the players helpfully. Oh, and Invert's Banana.
    What is being a Moderator about?:
    Being a help source for all players, punishing rule-breaking individuals accordingly, and
    Why do you partake in this community:
    It's fun, people aren't huge bullies or jerks.
    What makes you different from the others?:
    This is more of a heads-up than a victim card: I suffer from Oppositional Defiant Disorder- if you're not familiar, it essentially means I tend to argue whenever possible, regardless if the argument is in my favor or not. However, I will do my best to control my anger issues, and I certainly will not use it as an excuse if I land in hot water.
    Have you been banned before:
    From servers that are run by 12 year old children, for doing something against their distorted rules.
    This is a re-application for moderator, the last time I applied (almost a year ago) I had chickened out and pulled my application. With more courage and dedication, I'm applying again.
  2. Len

    Len Fighter Server Admin

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    Server stats for those interested.

    Alright. so far, you've got a few things pretty good.
    1. Age
    2. Time on the server

    However, you don't really have experience as a tf2 Mod. and you didnt exactly explain what the experience was in the first place.

    Application imo could have used a little bit more time and thought put into it.
    Also, You have to be a lot more active.
    As for experience, I would be happy to train you on our testing server, should this get accepted.

    I'm going with a Yes.
    If problems arise, we have the power, and ability to remove the rank.

    @Alexer Zoderia @101gamer101 @Swinda @Laalacat @Guardian @ThePervertGod (and anyone else important i missed
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  3. ThePervertGod

    ThePervertGod Fighter Donator

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    ill go with a yes you seem like a cool dude
  4. Guardian

    Guardian Ghost Server Admin Donator

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    I'm going with a yes as well, For the most part I've been on the server with this guy.

    He is nice person from what I can tell doesn't get to irritated or annoyed easily and is for the most part chill.

    As per what Len said , We have the capabilities to remove if necessary.

    Good luck on your app and your hopeful acception as a mod.
  5. Salad

    Salad Trader Donator Mod for the servers

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    2 years on the server is as long as I've been on steam, so that alone is one reason to trust you. Also, I always see you playing on the server, which lets me know that you'll be an active moderator. You seem like a cool person and I want you to be a moderator.