pervert god's internet dies II revenge of some bad decisions

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by ThePervertGod, Aug 19, 2017.

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    so uh, i have about 3 weeks until i go offline for awhile again. reason is because ever since my aunt quit her job at Harvard, it has been a really big spiral into losing a lot of money. so that means the cable bill has not been paid in 2 months and since my mother still has not payed our cable bill back in New Hampshire, its only a matter of time before i lose internet access for a very long f****** time. The point is i am in a tricky situation and the only thing i can do is just sit here and watch the fire burn until i get a job or my mom gets off her ass and starts paying for stuff that is important to us instead of ciggs. So when i go offline for more than about a week don't expect me to be on for awhile. so uh yea this is a shitty way of saying my family is going bankrupt and i will be gone bye if this ever happens.
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    Hope this doesn't happen. I like having you around man, try and come back if you can. Hope everything works out. <3
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