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    General stuff.

    • Do not RDM. (You have to have probable cause)
    • Do not ghost.
    • Do not prop surf outside of killable areas.
    • Do not door spam.
    • Do not delay the round.
    • Do not prop block (it must be possible to reach you).
    • Do not use an in-game name that cannot be pronounced or typed.
    • Do not kill rule-breakers or seek revenge - only shoot in self-defense and not for previous rounds reasons.
    • Do not complain - report rule violations in admin chat (type @ in team chat followed by your message).

    Non-suspicious Behavior
    You should NOT kill for any non-suspicious behavior - the following acts are considered as non-suspicious:
    • Being injured.
    • You walked into their line-of-fire.
    • Activating non-traitor traps when no other players are at risk.
    • Self Defense - attacking another player who has intentionally attacked you first (except line-of-fire) without valid reason.
    • Refusing to respond to live-checks, ammo checks, slot checks...etc.
    • Door spamming (this is griefing and should be reported to admins).
    • They are walking as though they have a menu open, not moving or AFK.
      Being one of many people who have the same weapon used to kill someone or not nearby their death.

    Suspicious Behavior

    You should NOT kill carelessly and without reasonable or valid evidence or justification. You ARE considered to be careful and reasonable by identifying a number of suspicious acts below that would logically indicate they are a traitor:
    • Aiming at, watching and stalking players (all three combined are a single act)
    • Not co-operating with Detectives or being tested.
    • Not responding in a reasonable time-frame when confronted with an accusation.
    • Being equipped with any traitor-only weapon.
    • Being the only one with the same weapon used to kill/injure someone else nearby their death.
    • Being called out for 'kill-on-sight' (KOS) by an Innocent.
    • Calling out a KOS on someone who did not damage you first and is an innocent.
    • Do not assume that a survivor of a gun-fight, or someone nearby a body is a Traitor - be alert, don't be mindless - identify the body and communicate.

    Traitorous Behavior

    You MUST kill for traitorous behavior, failure to do so can be considered as traitorous - the following acts are considered as traitorous:

    • Entering/leaving a traitor only area.
    • Being called out for 'kill-on-sight' (KOS) by a detective.
    • Calling out traitors without reason or intentionally making players suspect you are a traitor.
    • Carrying explosive barrels towards other players with risk to kill/injure them.
    • Being in disguise (no name/info when you hover your cross-hair on them).
    • Not identifying, hiding, destroying bodies or hanging them to surfaces.
    • Activating any sort of trap that almost, or did kill/injure another player.
    • Stating they killed a traitor, when they did not (assisting in the killing of a traitor, is considered they killed a traitor).
    • Destroying the Traitor-Tester or a Health Station (doing this as an Innocent is griefing).
    • Exception: Destroying the Traitor-Tester is only allowed when you are trapped and your life is in danger (such as C4 is planted and there's no way out other than through the vents behind the Traitor Tester).
    • Not moving away from your personal space after being reasonably told at-least twice.
    • Detail: You are to give a reasonable chance and repeat as some may not hear you over others talking or may not react quickly due to mic-delay; Your personal space is not the room, but rather being too close for comfort.
    • Killing or injuring non-suspicious players, or the detective (unless it was line-of-fire or were attacked first) or a proven-player.
    • Detail: A proven Innocent is someone you witnessed kill a Traitor, or tested as an Innocent. They are NOT proven by word-of-mouth.
    Random Deathmatch

    Killing or injuring teammates intentionally or without care is considered as RDM and is server-punishable - the following are examples:

    • Anyone throwing grenades at random, or without prior warning for your teammates to move.
    • Anyone using or setting up any sort of trap without care to teammates.
    • Anyone killing a teammate with a glitch or any other way without valid reason.
    • Innocents killing solely for minor suspicious behavior (careless and not reasonable).
    • Innocents killing solely for not following request(s).
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